Sunday, December 14, 2008

Don't get any big ideas They're not gonna happen

Yesterday I went shopping with one of my good friend Senni. Before we left to center we hang out in my place (still live with my parents and sisters) and talked about our future trip to New York. We are gonna leave after my matriculation exams and application to different colleges have started! Hopefully I will be sitting in an airplane in the 24th of march on my way to NY if everything goes well :)
Okay back to the sunday so we did some x-mas shopping in Stockmann (its the best warehouse and soon to be biggest warehouse in skandinavia). I found x-mas presents for my sisters and some good stuff for myself!! I bought some nightware and some interior stuff. I couldn`t help my self not to use my employee discounts :)

By the way today I watced VS fashion show! Oh why can´t I why that kind of underwear in Finland. Okay I like Calvin Kline but that´s pretty much it :) In this years fashion show I really loved the ancient greek theme! And the girls look gorgeous! Its an extremely bad idea to put pic of me without make-up and the Victorias Secret models in the same post :D

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leflassh. said...

aww all your lovely winter outfits makes me wish it was winter here !