Monday, January 19, 2009

Alice McCall

Alice McCall is this amazing Aussi designer. For the past couple of seasons I have found myself drooling after her collection. They are exactly what I like to have in my closets. Well designed,taylored basic clothes with a twist. For example the first photo; its a basic black &white combo with something new. The cut of the skirt is amazing and one cannot hate lovely floaty white tops. I want them! So hopefully I will find these pieces when I go to NY.


Leoona said...

Alan jo miettimään mun tuliaislistaa ;D Toi ekan kuvan valkonen toppi on ihana! <3

leflassh. said...

yep! she is brilliant =]

♥ fashion chalet said...

OH- I heart Alice McCall<3

thanks for the great comment, Erikas! =]


Bella said...

It's fantastic... I need this!