Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday was a bright day- my room!

My dog Eddie resting in my bed.

Table where i keep my perfumes Vercace Bright Chrystal,Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs Daisy

I redecorated my room. I like the way my bed is situated in my room nowadays.

My really messy table. Today I studied math,history and I finished my scrapbook.

Worktable area. Its really messy,I know.

Eddie sniffing through my Chloe bag.

My closets :)


Hanna said...

oi jotenkin ihanan symppishuone ja noi kaikki hajuvedet on muute ihanimpia :>

Natalië said...

wow. you have inspired me to tidy up my room and make-over. thank you!

erikas said...

Hanna:kiitos! Se on sellanen söpö kotoisa pikkunen huone:)
Natalie: Wow! That´s really something! Never thought me and my tiny room would have that kind of affect :D

ANDY said...

I have the same CK in2u , I love it!!!