Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They only want you when you're seventeen When you're twenty-one You're no fun

Iam sure you all recognised the model bestfriends Gemma Ward and Lily Donaldson. I really like of them both especially Lily. Her newest photoshoot is just incredibly exquisite. She absolutely looks angelic. Furthermore I like how she dresses in her spare time! Its simple with a twist. Exactly what I like.
You can checkt photos from V magazines photoshoot from Tjejsajtens blog.

Right now I am listening to: Ottoman- Vampire Weekend
My ultimate favourite film that I watch over and over again ( like today): Almost Famous! I really should have lived in 70´s!


zoë said...

i am completely in love with your blog, the images, the music, everything .
kings of leon are my life .. some of their songs are so overplayed now though, it's really a shame ! ( taper jean girl is one of my favourites ).

also, just a ps, the pictures of you as minnie mouse are completely adorable ! you totally pulled off the cute costume meets fierce fashionista look .

stay in touch xx .

sarah said...

i love those pics x

erikas said...

zoe: Oh thank you sweetie<3 you really made my day! I really appreciate that someone else also enjoys the same music as I! Its really rare! Usually I get teased cause my music so weird and clothes:D
The guys did´t seem to get the whole zipper dress thing!

sarah: thank u!

jessica said...

i absolutely adore those two .
they're gorgeous , and im mega jealous .