Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sew your fortunes on a string And hold them up to light

Clemence Poesy, indulging the layeredlook.

Why not use scarfs and wool-headbands for a change!

I think that in wintertime its essential to utilise layeredlook. Otherwise outfits in cold winter tend to be boring. Leggings,scarfs,jumpers,good jackets, gloves, hats and various accessories are significant. I tend to keep my hair and make-up natural (like always) and with different scarfs and hats to make an outfit special. For the rest of the winter I will definitely incorporate before shown pictures vibes. What are your winter essentials?


Natalië said...

loving that scarf/headband.

Bella said...

All perfect... I was looking at the first shot earlier on The Satorialist.

I just love it xxxx

leflassh. said...

these are all awesome
they make me want winter even more than i already do!
ah hurry up winter!!
i just want winter clothes so much better than summer clothes x