Monday, January 12, 2009

I want you to be crazy 'coz you're borin' baby when you're straight


I got mail!All the way from UK. What an great lift for my long day.
I had long school day followed by intense library session of studying. Sounds fun huh?
Anyways after my studying and spinning class session Iam finally home. Now I can finally relax and enjoy a good evening filled with Skins and Olsens twins book Influence.
By the way if haven´t heard before of tv-series Skins. I must say that you have missed a lot. Its this fantastic British comedic teen drama that follows a group of teenagers in Bristol.
Its writen by fathers and son Bryan Elsley and Jamie Britain & his friends.
I like how realistic picture it gives about adolescence. Check it out! You can find all the episoides from Youtube.
xox Erika


Fleurr De Lux said...

oh i've heard of skins but i've never actually watched it! i'll definitely have to do that.

raspberrycake said...

I llllove skins! the best show ever<3 where'd you get from? :) amazon?

Hanna said...

ähh mä tarttisin vähän niinku noi kaikki :)) skinssiä en oo ikinä kerinny katteleen mutta tosiaan pitää joskus otta asiaksi. mutta ton kirjan tilaan nyt heti saan pari muuta juttua hoidettua. toivottavasti toi kirja on tilaamisen arvonen!

erikas said...

Fleurr De Lux: Its amazing! You should definitely have a look :)

raspberrycake: I got them all from Amazonuk :)

Hanna: Siis vähän selailin tota kirjaa jo eilen ja vaikutti kyll et se on koko hintansa väärtti! Ne kuvat on mielettömän hienoja ja haastattelut tosi mielenkiintoisia.

Vintage Tea said...

Ah your making me neeeed influence now! lol. Cant believe I still havent got it. Must be the only blogger alive who doesnt have it! lol