Friday, January 16, 2009


Wednesdays outfit: mary-jane highheels,wetlooks,mask and polo shirt

Me and my friends dressed appropriately for our little "project"

The other Erika & Lilli

I´ve been real busy lately with school and the other stuff that I´ve been organising (penkkarit).
But its been a lot of fun! Wednesday night we were filming for a school show. Thursday I was driving the whole day to pick up some stuff for school and in the evening I was in theatre and in a restaurant with some mates.
By the way next week I have a costume party. Do you have any ideas what I should wear?? Is catwoman a bit boring??maybe a godess,American indian or something like that??


Daphné said...

Hi Erika! I've just discovered your blog and I love it, you're so cute and you have great style! I have linked you on my blog!
Come and check out my blog if you got time (I'm French!)

Anonymous said...

Moikka! Tosta skins dvd:stä vielä kyselisin, että saako siihen englanniksi tekstit? :)

bloc me said...

Oo, kiitos blogisi löysin muuten Bloc Partylta uuden ihanan kappaleen, jota en ole jostain syystä ennen kuunnellut fanituksesta huolimatta, Signs, KIITOS :)

electric feel said...

wow nice shoots

LoveMore said...

oh cute as photos hon! love the cat look going around. :) xxx LM

erikas said...

Daphné: thank you! thats very sweet! I checked your blog and it looks very good:) I will be following your blog for sure!!

anonyymi: Joo siis siihen saa englanniks teksityksen! Tosi hyvä boksi,mutt mua vaa harmittaa ett siin on jotkut taustal soivat biisit ihan eri:( Ja nyt jotkut kohtaukset ei oo niin hyvii...

bloc me: eipä kestä! Tollee käy joskus itellekkin! Vaikka kuinka fanittais jotain bändii nii jotkut helmi biisit menee vaa ihan ohi :D

electric feel: thank you

lovemore:Cheers mate! Yeah its seems to be very popular look:)

Natalië said...

you defiantly worked the cat women costume!