Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mais entre eux c'etait toujours complicite

I just absolutely love the french vogue and its inspirational workers. This is the way I would love to dress everyday. Unfortunately high heels and slush/iced sidewalks aren´t the best combination. Anyways girl can always dream. Currently Iam dreaming of my very own Louboutinis, fringed boots and of some cool comfy ballerinas. Well now I really have to get back to my history book. I´ve got until tomorrow morning to master Finlands history from the past four centuries. And I can tell you life & politics haven´t been easy for us!! If you don´t believe me go and google Finlands history. No wonder people think that we are a bit dark and twisted :D


zoë said...

yesss, emanuelle & carine & all of them are always so well-dressed !
i'd love to have long legs like them too :]


ps it comes as no surprise that guys don't get zipper dresses tahah . they're clueless, for the most part ! (though some rare exceptions are so terrifically style-conscious it's unbelievable) .

Fleurr De Lux said...

I'm almost positive mile long legs are a pre-requisite for working for french vogue...
yikes, Finland's history for the past four centuries? good luck, my dear!

leflassh. said...

ah they always so brilliant.
i want to raid their closets

erikas said...

Zoe: haha :) I absolutely agree with you on that one!

Fleurr De Lux: Yeah, it seem like that! Damm there goes my chances to be one of the french vogue team:D

leflassh: Me too! If anyone can be perfect with their clothing its them :)