Friday, January 9, 2009

Time is running out

Beautiful Lara Stone! I just always find myself admiring gorgeous black & white photos! Just can´t help it:)
I was really productive today I did heaps of school work, planned our school events ( abishow, penkkari päivä). I have only 24 days of school left. When we officially have no school days left we have this big party in our school. We have this abishow for us the seniors,truck ride,cruice and other fun stuff( its a nationwide thing).Ofcourse this all take heaps of planning and organising. Me and my other friend Erika H are taking care of the whole thing! Luckily I think we are in quite good situation now! I´ve orderd the trucks,candy,jumpsuits and my friend took care of the whole cruise thing. Now I just have to pick all that stuff and plan the show with a big group.
This all might sound really weird to u that r not finnish. But you will get it when I´ll show u all the photos and stuff. Its just I am pretty exhausted with all the school work,personal stuff and with all the planning! I absolutely love organising these kind of stuff but it just takes lot of time:)

Tomorrow I will be posting about my year in New Zealand. I will write generally about my year and about what I experienced while I was there. It will be a long post for sure:)
Have a great weekend everyone!

xx Erika


yiqin; said...

Lara stone is so fierce! Ah I want a jumpsuit too!

electric feel said...

hey my dear i tagged you!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks! I usually have to "make" him hahah- but sometimes I think he really does enjoy playing photographer to my model ;] he gets all 'creative' which is cool!


raspberrycake said...

oh yes! can't wait for that new zealand thingy!! :)

LoveMore said...

hello, just came across your post love! i really like the last two images x LM

erikas said...

yigin: I like Lara Stone too :) She´s awesome!
electric feel: thank you! I tagged u 2
fashion chalet: I think that he secretly likes it very much :D
Wish my little sister were like that 2 :)

rasberrycake: Nice! Hopefully you will like it :)

lovemore: Thank you!U aussis r just so nice<3 I just checked your blog looks amazing.

Fleurr De Lux said...

THOSE LEGS! Need I say more?