Saturday, January 31, 2009

You can rely on me, honey You can combine anything you want I'll be around You were right about the stars Each one is a setting sun

Pictures from: Brooklyn Decker (Heli) Tush - February 2007 (2-2007) Germany

Little saturday night inspiration for everyone! I don´t know what is it with me and mask but they seem to look so stunning. The combination of big hair, the dramatic clothes and masks really make this editorial work. Furthermore I really like that third picture with the white frilled shirt and those black leggings. ( my current obsession)

By the way against my all habits I really like the Beyonce´s Single Ladies music video. Specially the Saturday Night Lives version of it is pretty funny. ( Beyonce feat cool back-up dancers like Justin Timberlake :D) Check the whole version from here:

Have a great weekend everyone!

xox Erika


electric feel said...

christallized swoooosh

natalie said...

soo gorgeous!

Kingshuk said...

Awesome! awesome! awesome!
Beautiful fashion blog. Keep up the good work!

LoveMore said...

OH MY GOSH! amazing post...these images take my breath away.
the last is my fav. masks are sooooo cool i loooove them.

thanks for your comment! hope you had a good weekend too! :)

xx LM

erikas said...

electric feel: Yep the first photo has an great effect! :)

kingshuk: Thank you. I will do my best :)

Bella said...

WOW! Beyond beautiful!