Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sweet as mate part 1

Hi mates!
So I did a HUGE post of my year in NZ. Some of you readers were requesting it so here it comes. This is just part one cause I have thoudsands of pictures and like you can guess the year was long and I experienced and did lot of cool stuff. First posts are about generally what I did during my year. The first one covers some of the stuff that I did during september-december( next ones will then cover everything from januari to may).
In addition I will be also posting about my extreme sports that i did,South-Island,my trips to all around NZ,Kiwis ( new zealanders) so I´ll just hope you wont get bored with the whole NZ theme:)
If u wanna listen some awesome NZ artist then open this links then:

Evermore-Running (in the video u can see Rotaroa, an Island that was next to my city)
Atlas - Crawl
Brooke Fraser- Deciphering Me
Che Fu- Fade away
The Veils - One night on Earth ( the singer/songwriter is from NZ)
So here it starts:

This is the city that I lived in: Auckland. Its the biggest city in NZ and there are 1,3 millions people living in there. In this pic u can see the city center

My houst familys house! I lived in Northshore of Auckland. It took half an hour to get to the school where I was going ( not studying)

First trip that I went to with my new friends. Christina & me in Rotarua.

Rotarua! The whole smelled like an rotten egg cause this hot steam came from under ground.

Heli,me,Christina and Gianna prepered to go down hill with a sledge.

During the weekend trip we went black water rafting! We swam,walked,climed in underground rocks! It was amazing :)I Don´t recommend it to people that are afraid of dark,claustrophobic (ahtaanpaikankammo),heights! In the pic Christina,the tour guide,me and gianna

We also went white water rafting! So great, I will tell more about it in the next posts.Among other things I fell out of the boat during a fall in the cascade! I will show u the whole picture serie of the moment

Christina,me Gianna,heli and johanna (taking the photo) In Waihiki island! The first tanning session of the season

Me and Christina checking the Auckland Zoo

Cute monkeys!

I went to a lot of concerts during the year John Mayer (in the photo)Snow Patrol,Fall Out Boy,Evermore, in Big Day out Festival i saw The Killers,Muse,Eskimo Joe,The Vines,Lupe Fiasco,Lily Allen,Tool and so on!

My big brother took me to a day trip to this awesome beach!

Piha Beach

Me, Florence and Annabelle in Auckland. We went to an japaneese restaurant with Heli!

Helis Farewell party. First people to leave during my year! It was really sad everytime someone left back home :( You can imagine that I cried a lot during the year!! Luckily Heli lives in helsinki so we see each others quite often.

The Brasilian BBQ in december. It was really hot the first hot weather of the season!! In the photo: Santiago, Heli (up), sitting Gianna,me and Hannah

X-mas parade. This was my very first x-mas that I spend without snow:) Extremely weird..
Bought myself bikinis for x-mas present :D

Decorating the x-mas tree with my host brother Reece

X-mas in the park

We celebrated an early x-mas with my host family cause I was in a three weeks trip in South-Island with my friends. This is my lovely host sis Shannon. She is the same age as I was so she was very helpful with heaps of stuff (like getting me a fake ID)

The Leggett family. From right Digby,Katja (another girl that stayed for a while)
,Shannon,Mike-host dad, Reece,me and my lovely host mother Annie!

The first couple of months went really fast. Even when the first week in NZ was a bit hard. I was seventeen when I left there and the first moment when I was sitting in my room with my suitecases was kind of hard. The moment you fully realise where you are and when you don´t know anyone its kind of strange. Luckily Iam very social and brave person so I readjust very quickly. Plus the kiwis ( new zealanders) are very friendly. For example if I was waiting for my friend to arive there was always someone who came to make acquaintance.
Furthermore I made such a great friends during my year.Now I have heaps of friends all over the world and its really nice to go visit them. So far two of my friends have visited me and I´ve visited my mates in Denmark and in Sweden.

This was the first part of my story of NZ. If you have any question doen´t hesitate :)


Fleurr De Lux said...

How fun!!! I did a homestay in Australia and it was the best year ever! Cool photos, looks like you had a fab time!

xoxo L

leflassh. said...

wow those photos are so gorgeous!
u look adorable