Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Perfect tuesday!

My tuesday starts with one of my secret single behavior (check out Fashion Chalets amazing post). After reading this post I really started to think what are my secret single behavior. We all know that Carre Bradshaw secret single behavior was: eating saltines with grape jelly while reading Vogue in the kitchen
I start my every tuesdays by enjoying of chai latte & sandwich and watching Gossip Girl and The City ( used to be The Hills that I watched) before my school starts! For this I wake up couple of hours earlier. I know its a bit weird,aye. I just love a little relaxed early morning drama ( when it doesn´t include my own life)!Also I like to:

* eat my after school lunch while watching tv
* shop alone
* hide my own food in the corners of the fridge/freezer
*hide the cd:s of my new favourite bands that my sisters don´t " steal" them
* dance alone while I am dressing up
* I listen to my Ipod everynight until I fall in sleep
These are just some of my secret single behavior.

Really like of these outfits:

Bettina S.


Anonymous said...

HOla! Soy Español. No se como llegue a tu blog; pero he descurbierto musica chulisima! ;)
Y aunque no se muy bien ingles, he visto tambien fotos bonitas... tan bonitas como tu.

Un Saludo!

Hanna said...

oi ihana postaus :))

Bella said...

The last shot!



mig said...

Hey I also enjoy shopping alone 'cause you can do things in your own way then. You can spend 2 hours in one shop and 10 seconds in another without thinking others for a while. Relaxing.
And listening to your mp3 until falling asleep, that's MUST :)

Ja kielenvaihto :) Mihin aiot hakea opiskelemaan lukion jälkeen?

erikas said...

Anonymous: I kind of understood something of that.. :) If I understood correctly then thanks!!

Hanna: kiitos!

Bella: Yeah I think Bettina is just gorgeous!

mig: Lukion jälkeen oon hakemassa kauppikseen ( Stadi,Vaasa ja viel johonki kaupunkii), ammattikorkeakouluun kulttuurin tuottajaks ja sitt viell haen ruotsiin opiskelemaan. Haluan sitten vanhempana perustaa oman yrityksen. Olisin tosi ilone jos pääsin tekemään töitä bussineksen,musiikin ja vaateteollisuuden parissa.