Wednesday, January 14, 2009

This dead road leads down To that dead road and back

Today we have a little dress up as a catwoman evening! Don´t ask me yet why :) Its a secret at least for a while. Today I wasn´t in school cause we had this floorball tournament between the all the lukiot ( kind of a high school) of Espoo. Ofcourse our school team won all the three matches so now we get to play in the finals on monday. Its really exciting cause this year is final year for me and lot of my friends and we really wanna win again this year. Iam sure u have never heard of this sport but its pretty popular in Finland. I myself played floorball for 7 years and know I just play in the school team. But hey I am the team captain.
But now I gotta get back to my studies before tonights project starts.Hopefully I will at least look half as good as this women with the cat masks!

xox Erika