Sunday, January 25, 2009

ten days of perfect tunes the colors red and blue

Trente ans versus dix-sept ans

Some sunday inspiration for everyone. I just absolutely adore Paris Vogues photoshoots and this is a great example of the great inspirational styling that french Vogue achieves to accomplish every single time. Models in the photoshoot are Eva Herzigova (30 ans) & Anna Selezneva (17ans). I like in this photoshoot that the older women Eva actually looks dazziling in this shoot and she is the one who captures your attention. The glamour just shines through her. Ofcourse Anna look amazing too. She makes me wanna dress more youthfully and embrace the age that I am ( Iam ninteen years old). Cause when you are young one can really try on different things. Almost everything looks great on when you just feel comfortable in it. It just an state of mind.
Have a great sunday. I am currently in a roll of watching great movies and loading my batteries after yesterdays costume party. I was an mouse! I´ll show the pictures later if you wanna see?


Natalië said...

in love with that "NO" t-shirt

leflassh. said...

hot hot hot!!

Hanna said...

sut on haastettu :))

Fleurr De Lux said...

These are amaaazing! Paris vogue does it best. Why must they flaunt those Chloe studded boots in front of me!?!? It's not fair.