Saturday, January 10, 2009

I could sleep forever these days Because in my dreams I see you again

Bloc Party- Signs
Can´t wait to see their concert in february! I´ve liked this band for years and Iam so excited about finally getting to see them play live.
Also I like this photoshoot a lot. I think it captures intimacy in very intriguing way.


Hanna said...

oon vasta nyt päässy sisään tohon bändiin ja toi biisi on kyllä paras :) haluisin niin sinne keikkalle mutta valaistus vähä myöhässä :DD

zoë said...

i am completely and utterly in love with your music playlist !! ladyhawke, the gossip, all favourites of mine !

i'm definitely making it a top priority to check out all the groups you mentioned in your favourite bands, seems like you have great taste in sound :)

xx, stay in touch love !