Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dancing till we knew So all that we've learnt disappears

Simona McIntyre Lula - Issue 8 United Kingdom

Tonights the night! Bloc Party will be performing In Helsinki´s Icehall and after that me and my friend will go to the after-party!! Jiihaa:) I got to go now and get ready!


coco said...

I love the second picture, it is so sweet.

Luna Supernova said...

haha yes, the socks are a bit difficult to incorporate into an outfit but i'm sure you could rock it :)

i love this editorial, thanks for posting, it is beautiful.

filthy lust said...

sweet ed.

LoveMore said...

oh great pics!! love these. and YAY for after was it!? bet you were the cutest there :)

adding your link now hottie xx LM

Stephanie said...

Have fuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!

erikas said...

coco: Yep! I too think it´s really sweet and girly:)

Luna Supernova: I will have a another try for sure when the weather gets a bit warmer:)

filthy lust : Cheers Mate:)

lovemore: Thank you! The concert and the party was amazing! I posted couple of pictures but when I´ll find the videos and the photos that were taken by a professional I´ll post them to here!

Stephanie: Thank you:) I really did have heaps of fun!