Sunday, February 15, 2009

those teenage hopes, through our tears and the lies. too scared to run off, to one little life.

Great Australian model Christina Dietze. Lately I´ve noticed that all the great new models come from Aussi. For example Tallulah Morton, Gemma Ward,Miranda Kerr (yeah i know she is not that new :D )
Well back to Christina I think her hair and figure is amazing and furthermore her personal style is amazing. Check it out from Cobrasnake.


filthy lust said...


Luna Supernova said...

thankyou so much :)

i would not mind at all, in fact i would be honoured!! thanks again. x.

katja said...

Ihania nää kuvat<3

Stephanie said...

Her style is perfect! Great choice of girl!


CHIC Sensibility... said...

I absolutely love these pics. She's amazng.
Stay chic!

Anika said...

Gorgeous, gorgeous, that all these fab models are being discovered who are from Aus!

And love that first shot...those shoes....*drool*

electric feel said...

hey my dear
i gave you an award
check it on my blog