Sunday, February 1, 2009

I love the sound of you walking away,Why don't you walk away? No buildings will fall down Why don't you walk away? No quake will split the ground

Some Sunday inspiration for you. I had a really busy weekend so today I decided just to relax and study a bit. Now I am watching Skins ( third season) and daydreaming of MiuMiu and Marc Jacobs bags! I just need a nice medium sized black leather bag:) Do you have any obsession of any certain product?? Or is it just me and my best friend?:D

Currently listening to Franz Ferdinand- Walk Away


La Couturier said...

i love these photos! i have the third in my inspiration folder :)

La C.

natalie said...

ah, i love all these photos.

Fashion Trix said...

haha i Love the walking away pictures too.


Bella said...

Love this... and those shoes!

Fleurr De Lux said...

I ADORE that first photo! I too am dreaming of a Miu Miu bag and have been for years. I should stop buying piles of disposable clothing and save up for one or two really nice, good quality things per season. But that will never happen!! Although I did find a great vintage Coach bag that fit my requirements: nice, medium sized, black, leather!

xo L

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