Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What are you holding out for? What's always in the way? Why so damn absent-minded? Why so scared of romance?

Beautiful Alexa Chung ( pics from Garance Dore)

Today was pretty much a normal day. I went to school to study math for couple of hours and after that I went to library to study more. Now 8 hours later I am very exhausted and only thing that I am gonna read is the new Elle UK.
Later today ( actually after midnight) I am gonna go and pick-up my daddy and little sisters from the airport. They´ve been in Thailand for a week so I am really excited to see them. I missed them a lot even when I had absolutely fabulous time with my mom& my school books! Seriously I had heaps of fun! Tomorrow I will show you all my presents and stuff that I´ve bought last week:)

P.S: Is anyone else going to see Bloc Party this week in Helsinki?



Äppelblom said...

Mun kaks kaveria on menossa kattomaan Bloc partya ja läjä muita tyypejä mun koulusta!:)

Frank & Rémy said...

really like the golden buttons on the jacket, great details!

By the way, really like your blog, keep up the good work!

filthy lust said...

have fun at bloc party.

Noelle Chantal said...

that lady looks beautiful. i esp like her purse and shoes. :)

so sweet of you for picking up your dad and sis, i bet you miss them a lot! :)

LoveMore said...

oh you little sweetheart picking them up so late! love alexa..she is such a hottie and super stylish.

also want to exchange links??

love lM xxx

electric feel said...

oh wow Bloc Party! cool! I'm sure you will gonna have much fun at the concert!
Chung looks stunning!

Tjejsajten said...

Ah she is so adorable! She makes me want to cut my hair.

You're so lucky you're going to Bloc Party!!

xoxo L

hannah said...

she looks gorgeous!

Ina said...

ois kyllä ollu niiiin potti päästä kattomaan bloc partya, mutta en pääse=(!

pidäppä kivaa siellä minunki puolesta sitten:)

BlueKlein said...

Alexa is always stunning!!


erikas said...

äppelblom:Teiltähän on paljon porukkaa lähös :D mun tuttavapiirist lähtee mun lisäks vaa kolme kaverii:)

Frank & Rémy: Yeah Alexa´s jacket is amazing! Her outfits are always very classic but never boring:) Thank you very much!

filthy lust: I will! Heaps of pictures will be posted on friday:)

noelle chantal:Alexa is gorgeous:) Yeah it was pretty exhausting to stay up and wait for their flight to arrive! In the end they arrived after 2.am the!! The flight was like 5 hours late:D But I am very glad to have them home now!

lovemore: Well I love them a lot so staying up for them ( even when I hate that) was nothing:) I would love to exchange links!

electric feel: I will:) I am sure its gonna be awesome!

tjejsajten: Yeah I had the same reaction. But I think I am still gonna stick with my long hair :D

hannah: Yeah, Indeed she does:) Like always :D

Ina: Mä oon tosi innoissani jo! Oon odottanu jo viitisen vuotta,että pääsisin näkee ne:) Mennää kaverin kaa vielä after patyyn nii lead singer saatetaan nähä vähä viell lähempää:D

BlueKlein: Yeah she is:) I think we everyone wish to be a bit more like her:D haha at least I do!