Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes I think sitting on trains Every stop I get 'till I'm clocking that game Everyone's a winner we're making our fame

Sienna Miller was recently won the Elle Style Icon Award. Like me some of you might question that does she really have that great, unique and fashion forward style. Well at least I haven´t noticed her wearing anything special for years. So I decided to do a little research of what she´s been wearing for the past year. This is what I found and I´ll have to say that like our Mischa Barton she is getting back. I absolutely love the outfits that she wore to Elle Style Awards and the second picture in which she is wearing those gorgeous Chloe boots. Me likey:D

Absolutely gorgeous!

I absolutely adore these Chloe boots!

One thing that I like about Sienna is the simplicity and the way she combines her favorite accessories together. This is a great example of a simple chic summer outfit.

I adore this long black maxi dress. Its really simple from the front but the back of the dress makes it really special. Ofcourse those red lips and the jewellery in the back are the cherry in the top!

Another thing that I like about Sienna is that she is normal celebrity. She wears a lot of her clothes many times. This red jacket is a great example. I spotted her wearing this various times.
But like me she just combines it differently every single time.

Also I like that everything you see her wear is really something that I wear every single day. Those shoes are really cool. The cut in the front of the shoe is great. For all the girls in Finland Bianco has/ had that kind of shoes. My best friend has them:) Unfortunately we don´t have the same shoe size:(
Well back to Sienna! Do you think she deserved this Elle Style Icon award?


Ina said...

Siennalla on aivan ihana tyyli!!
ja todellakin ansaitsis ton palkinnon:)

Stephanie said...

Definitely. I think she was really fed up with the "boho chic" title everyone gave her so I think she kind of took some fashion time off and just rebelled with her outfit choices. But of late, and as we can see in these great shots of her, she's back on track, not doing the boho chic thing, and looking amazing!
I love the backless dress candid and the entire outfit she's wearing with those fabulous Chloés.


zoë said...

i definitely agree, sienna has a sort of nonchalant way of dressing that exhudes easygoing yet wonderful style .
i love love love all her basics .
and i want to steal those lovely bright red chloe boots from her ! she wears them all the time though, so it's nice to see she gets good use out of them .

cool post love !!

Merily said...

She's SO inspiring!

filthy lust said...

i like her style a few years back, but she's defiantly getting her groove back, not sure whether she deserved it or not. thanks for your comment too, love!

The AstroCat said...

She is soooooo cool.

-The A.Cat

jessica said...

bona fide hustler makin my name ;]

love her, hate her ... i'm so torn with sienna sometimes .


Nay said...

everything and anything I wanna itsss!

LoveMore said...

oh i love her!
i am still gushing over the red hot hot.

xx LM

Anonymous said...

I love Sienna Miller.
I like you blogg!!!

erikas said...

Ina: Onhan Sienna aika ihana:) Jos se jatkaa tätä uutta tyyliä niin sitten se Elle palkinnon on ansaitty:D

Stephanie: I think you are right! But Iam glad to see that she is back in the game:D

zoe: Thank you :) I too absolutely adore those Chloe boots! I want them:)

Merily: Agreed! She really inspires us normal people. Everything she wears is something that almost anyone could wear:)

filthy lust: Well if she continues this new groovy style she definitely deserves that award!:)

The AstroCat: Agreed! Very cool:)

Jessica: haha:) Yeah thats how the lyrics goes on! I love that song<3

lovemore: Yeah! I´ve been drooling after those shoes since I saw them on Kate Bosworth:)

Mmaris:Oh thank you:) I checked your blog too looks great!

Anonymous said...

she totally deserve it! I love her style!