Friday, February 27, 2009

So let's stay in, let the sofa be our car Let's stay in, let the TV be our stars I found my dancing shoes but they don't fit All the bright lights do

So yesterday evening was the Bloc Party-consert and it was absolutely fantastic. It truly exceeded all my expectations. It was truly worth of waiting to see them play live for 4 years.
Kele Okereke ( the lead singer) had a such an huge presence in the show. Furthermore the support band Delphic (from UK too) was fantastic first the reminded me a lot of Muse but the last songs were more combination of rock and electronic ( like Cut Copy).

The consert was amazing. Bloc Part sounds so much better in live. The lead singer Kele Okereke was really charismatic and rousing. The band started strongly by playing One Month off. After playing one and half hours long set,two encores,Kele breaking one guitar and sharing some love with some of the bands managers I have to say the show was really entertaining.

After the great concert me and one of my friend went to the after party which was held in Virgin Oil Co. Its this bar,restaurant, club place where I haven´t actually been before.
First time in Finland i felt really comfortable in bar. The music was excacly what I love great dj mixes of great artist like MGMT,Cut Copy, Hot Chip,The Ting Tings,Daft Punk and so on. So pretty much the whole night I spent dancing with Lilli on the dancefloor. We had really groovy moves and actually some guy came to ask if we had somekind of dance battle going on:D Not exactly! Anyways the lead singer of Bloc Party, Kele Okereke came to DJ for a couple of hours.
He seemed so different in the club, a little bit shy I would say! Anyways he played also some really good music. I still can´t get over how great last night really was.
I love,love, love live music, hanging out with good people and dancing all night long! I absolutely loved to dance with my comfy Converse sneaksers. First time that I didn´t were highheels in a bar. Damn I felt so much more comfortable and I really got to be in my own element last night!
So here comes couple of not-so-sharp pictures.

Kele Okereke ( the lead singer) playing. He always has such a great and groovy t-shirts!

Me and my friend Lilli after the consert. Exhausted but extrenely happy. Love the red face and the sweaty look. Try jumping/dancing around for couple of hours. I survived even when people twise the size as me kept bumping in to me! Well it was really crowded.

Kele Okereke DJ:ing!

Me in the Virginia Oil Co. bathroom. Not the best picture but pretty much how I looked the howl night:D

Little video of Bloc Party playing Modern Love


Hopefully you gorgeous fashion lovers didn´t get sick of me praising Bloc Party! Thank you dears of all the lovely comments.


Stephanie said...

You're adorable- glad to hear it was such a success!
BTW- I LOVE hot chip!!


Hanna said...

eii kaikki on ollu tuolla :)) no kyllä mä vielä tän bändin jossain nään. näytät hyvältä btw!

electric feel said...

je suis jalouse!!!
and you were so close to them!!
love their music! always so vibrant!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hot Chip = amazing! I love his tee-shirt, too perfect! <3

Wow nicely collected collage! It such a pleasure to read your writings:) You should really work in some fashion magazine. I really mean it!

^ Oh, I wish and hope and dream and wish for that to become trueeee somedayyy. THANKYOU!! ♥


Luna Supernova said...

great photos!! i WISH i could wear my hair up on top of my head like that, it just makes my hair line look weird :(

if you ever come back to NZ we will have to catch up and there is ALWAYS a spare couch in the apartment if you need somewhere to crash for the night haha. did you study/work here? or was it just a holiday?

Frank & Rémy said...

we dig Hot Chip!

filthy lust said...

you look great! must have been soo fun!

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Hey there. About your trip to NY. Bloomies and Saks is always good, but I usely go to Lord and Taylor for my formal dresses. It's on 5th ave. and 38th. Have fun in NY.

coco said...

Great photos. My friend is going to see them soon too, she's really excited.