Saturday, February 7, 2009

She said call me now baby, and I'd come a running. If you'd call me now, baby then I'd come a running.

Amazing photographer Giller-Marie Zimmermann. He definitely is one of my all-time favorite fashion- and beauty photographer. I think that these pictures explains why. I love the way he captures beauty in a very natural way. Specially in these pictures the shape of the models and the glowing skin is captured very delicately.I Wish somebody would immortalise me like this.


electric feel said...

pure beauties

Anika said...

Thank you for the comment.

I adore his work, each and every shot shines. I love that the shots actually smolder and each highlights the defining feature of the portrait character.

Lovely :)

Bella said...

Absolutely stunning!
Zimmermann has the perfect eye for beauty.


Vintage Tea said...

wow these shots are stunningly beautiful. i love them all

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