Tuesday, February 17, 2009

He say "I know you, you know me" One thing I can tell you is you got to be free Come together right now over me

In hopes of looking like the girl in the editorial above I ventured to buy my very first red lipstick.
So couple of days ago I went to Stockmann´s M.A.C section and said to them that I am searching for a red lipstick. You should´ve seen the salesman/makeup artist look on her face. She was so excited and happy that someone wanted to do something different. So she tried this color on me and I thought it looked great. So I decided to buy the colour. The funny thing was how everyone kept stared at me:) It seems that people in Helsinki have never seen a girl with red lips:D It was a bit funny and a bit akward.Perhaps in the future I should only use it when I go out?

Okay now I got a little newsflash for u guys! This is my 200th post and today I got my very first blog award! Wihii:D
So I wanna send a big hug to Electric Feel. She gave me with this award:

I am very very flattered and thankful. Thank you honey:)
Now I am gonna pass this award forwards to these amazing blogs:


Pieni pätkä vielä Suomeksi! Tämä o mun kahdessadas postaus ja mun blogillani on jo melkein 20 000 vierailijaa. Joten haluun kiittää ja palkita mun ihania lukijoita. Siispä lähiaikoina ( tän viikon aikana) järjestän pienen arvonnan teille. Muista blogeista tuttuun tapaan jokainen kommentti on yhtä kuin arpalippu, joten mitä ahkerammin kommentoi, sen enemmän on mahdollisuuksia voittaa. Siitä sitten enemmän kuin arvonta lähtee käyntiin:)

Have a nice day

xx Erika


Stephanie said...

I want that girl's lips!! lol.
Just keep wearing it with loads of confidence and you'll see people will start to look at you in a different way. Red lips take confidence. Also it's a really good look for night.

Congrats on 200! and on the awards ;)


Tjejsajten said...

Thank you dear!!

Congrats on your award, and we really appreciate you thinking of us! We've never got one of these before!!

I'm sure you look amazing in the lipstick, there's nothing better than wild red lips!

xoxo Lana

Styledrop said...

yeah, I have had few times red lips and you can notice that people look at you but I think they look in a good way so keep wearing it. Maybe I should too have red lips more often, love that look...

erikas said...

stephanie: Thank you:) My game plan for that day was that I listen to some cool music and walked around the city and I just smiled to everyone like always:D

tjejsajten: Thank you:) Your blog is great I am proud to be the person who gave the award for you guys ;D

styledrop: Yeah I think/ hope that people looked at me in a good way:D But next time I go out Iam definitely having red lips:)

Hanna said...

that lipstick looks great. btw i always adore that music you're playing :DD

filthy lust said...

red is bold. lovely.

geri said...

yay!! thank you so much!! xoxo

leflassh. said...

thank you gorgoeus!!
and u deff deserve it urself :)

Bella said...

200th post... wow!

BIG congratulations on your award!! xxxx

Anika said...

Oooh, those shots are incredible...I think that's what every girl is going for when they try the red, red lips!

Can't wait to see photos of you in the new red lippy.

Also, congrats on the blog award :)

Nay said...

i wuv red lipstick