Saturday, February 28, 2009

You know I need it, much closer I'm treading just a little more Step on it, electronic The troops are on fire! I'm much deeper, a sleeper

Hartje Andresen Sleek - 2008 (Summer 2008)

I want and need spring. Furthermore I desperately need a holiday! Luckily I will have one week break in the end of march!! When the wonderful warm spring days arrive to Finland ( 3 months to go) I will post similar picture of me jumping around in some lovely spring clothes:D Until then I am just gonna dance all my troubles away!!


Stephanie said...

SUCH a cute post!!!!!! Love the pictures and what you wrote! Can't wait to see you frolicking in the Finland springtime sunshine!!


Hanna said...

loma on ihan just ohi ja sen jälkeen alan julkisesti odottamaan shortsikelejä! ja haluun tuollaset korkeavyötäröiset farkkushortsit ah :DD joo eiköhän sitä bloc partya pääse kuunteleen. ja oishan se jees lähtee vaikka muuallekin sitä katsomaan

♥ fashion chalet said...


I love these photos!!

I meant every word! You should definitely pursue your dream:) Ohh thank you, I really want to write about Fashion for a living!!! Or Style! :]

Are you currently working on mentioned business or are you doing something else??s I'm looking for anything right now. I do a little part time writing from home and style on the weekends.. but nothing big deal. I really want something full time and more in my desires, you know??



LoveMore said...

love these pics! i hope the next 3 months FLY by for you!!! yay for summer :)

xxx LM

filthy lust said...

can't wait for those pics!

electric feel said...

oh i totally understand you
we all need spring!!!
have that sleek issue too!
very freedom inspired shoots!

Anonymous said...

I love your bloggggggg

erikas said...

stephanie: thank you:) I´ll just have to start to bribe my sisters so they would take those photos when the time comes:D

hanna: Mäki oon jotenkin lämmenny noille korkea vyötäröisille shortseille:) Mahtaako syynä olla cobrasnake?? :)

lovemore: thank you :) Hopefully the next 3 months will fly quickly!
I absolutely love summer!

filthy lust: Oh gosh! Hopefully I won´t disappoint you:)

electric feel: Thank you:) To me summer equals freedom!

joana filipa: Thank you :)

Tjejsajten said...

These are great photos -- i love the one with the bikini top and denim shorts.

and it's nice to see summer clothes on pale skin for some reason!

makes me wish it wasn't winter.

xoxo L

nuha nuha said...

girls just wanna have fun haha. happy photos make me smile.

Lou said...

I love jumping pics. These are so cute and girly and spring-y. Can't wait for it to be summer. I'm sick and tired of this grey+cold winter