Sunday, February 22, 2009

Help, I have done it again I have been here many times before Hurt myself again today And, the worst part is there's no-one else to blame

I know that in the blog world everybody is talking about the fall 2009 collection but for me and the other peoples spring/ summer are the upcoming seasons. So I made these couple collages of pieces that I will/would like to wear.

Basic black & white combination is something that I never get sick of.
For sure this spring I am going to wear my Hugo Boss blazer a lot! ( bought it last summer)

I actually have bought my jumpsuit already. I am sure its going to be something that I will wear a lot. The other pieces that I collected to this collage are something ( among others) that are in my shopping list.
-black leather jacket
-Comfy ballerinas
- black satchel bag
- RayBan sunnies

This definitely my favorite look for this spring/ summer. In a way this outfit has already become my very own uniform!:)

I kind of fallen in love with feathers! Can´t help it. Well this is a feather dress that I almost bought from Reiss for my graduation. Anyways I can´t wait for my little hunt to find my perfect graduation dress. I am sure its going to be lot of fun! ( NYC trip is only a month away)

Nude has always been one of my favorite colour. I am sure its something that all Scandinavians have in common. Anyways nude is definitely one of the it colors of the next season. I spotted that Tiger Of Sweden has lot of nude colour in their newest collection if you are interested of buying nude quality pieces.


Hanna said...

nättejä kokonaisuuksia. tänä yönä sitten nähään että mihin suuntaan noi oscarit jakautuu. tosiaan noita monia leffoja on kehuttu että ärsyttää kun suomeen kaikki tulee niin myöhäään :DD eikä kaikkialle ollenkaan

Stephanie said...

Great selections! I love all of your choices :)

The poem in the movie In her shoes is the one I posted- e.e cummings- i don't think Fitzgerald was referenced in the film...but I could be wrong :)

zoë said...

all of that is PERFECT .
i want it all.

CHIC Sensibility... said...

Great outfits. i would wear everything. I'm also really into nudes, I need to go shopping.

Stay chic,

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great outfits!! xx

My faves are: Jumpsuit, Nude & Relaxed Tailoring! =]

and thank you for your sweet comment.


Mel said...

omg. don't you just love polyvore. i LOVE all of these outfits, it's so amazing., i'm in love. thanks lovely for the award, you're so sweet! i love the last pic so much, big fan of cream/nude. loving it all beauty xx

Belle said...

Such fabulous polyvore creations!!
I am in love with them all!!
Gorgeous blog xx

electric feel said...

that wang tank would be nice

erikas said...

Hanna: kiitos:)Vitsi oli kyllä hyvä Oscar gaala tänä vuonna! Varsinki se Ben stillerin imitointi Joaquin Pheonix:ista:D Funny

Stephanie: Thank you:) These kind of represents my personal style. Thank you for informing me about the great novels!

Zoe: Cool! I want them all too:D

Chic sensibilty: Thank you:)I need to go shopping too! I´ll just have to wait a month!!

fashion chalet: Thank you:) Those are my personal favorites too!

Mel:Yep, polyvore is amazing! I had heaps of fun creating these outfits:) My pleasure dear! You truly deserve it!

Belle: Thank you sweetie:)

electric feel: Its really nice! Iam actually considering of buying it if I find it from NYC :) Its just truly perfect