Thursday, February 19, 2009

No one likes to take a test Sometimes you know more is less Put your weight against the door Kick drum on the basement floor

Sarah Gingrich, Laura Blokhina Plastique - 2008 (Fall-Wint 2008) France

This editorial is divine and somehow very brilliant. I absolutely love this whole cobrasnake/ Alice In Wonderland/goofy girls night-in theme! I am very inspired by this editorial. What do you think? Next time I go out I am definitely checking this editorial before deciding what to wear. Hmm maybe I should join my friends for a night out already tomorrow .... ;D
This week has been really something completely new. My sisters and daddy are in Thailand and I was left home to study for my matriculation exams. So that´s pretty much what I´ve done this whole week. I go to library 10 a.m and I leave from there about five o´clock! After these studying sessions I pretty much don´t have energy to do anything special. This is pretty much what my whole spring is going to be like. Something completely new and different:) How are you my dear readers? Anything new and special going on with you?



Hanna said...

noin on kyllä hienoja kuvia vaatteista puhumattakaan :)) oivoi no hyvä että oot päättäny lukea! se kannattaa

Stephanie said...

This editorial is sooo awesome!! I totally agree with how you described it- I really love it!

Nothing much going on here either, just writing, drinking far too much green tea, eating too many croissants au beurre and waiting for the Spring. The winter is soooo long come February. and the snow just doesn't seem to it's a waiting game!


♥ fashion chalet said...

thank you!!!

I love these shots, by-the-way, and this song, too! =]


filthy lust said...

as soon as i saw this shoot it was love. it's great.

Anonymous said...

hei sul on ihana blogi, oot vaihtanu noi biisit tohon soittimeen..edelliset oli ihan mielettömiä en vaan muista niiden esittäjii jne... se dream biisi ni kuka sen esittäjä olikaa? :D ja ssamoin sen mikä oli toka biisinä joku greatesthits juttu...oisin kiitollinen jos muistat ne ja kerrot mulle:) oon iha koukus niihin..kiitos etukäteen jo!

erikas said...

Hanna:Nimenomaan noi vaateetki on tosi erikoisen kivoja:) Joo kyll se on kannattanu! Vaikka hirvee hedari aina iskee näitten lukusessioitten jälkee:D pitäs varmaa käydä jossain näön tarkastukses:)

stephanie: Yeah I totally agree with you winter is just way too long! I suppose it would be fun if I was into the whole skiing/snowboarding and wearing 7 layers of clothes:D I can´t wait for the spring days that I can just wear shorts and t-shirts and lovely dresses :)

Fashion chalet: Pleasure dear:) Röyksopp is a great band! I added to this new playlist artist that I am listening a lot while I read!

Filthy lust: I had the same reaction! Pure love:)

Anonyymi: Tosi kiva kuulla,että pidät blogistani:) Joo siis päätin vaihtaa ton soittimen biisit ku ne oli ollu siinä jo huikean viikon:D
Se Dream biisin esittäjä on Priscilla Ahn ja se toinen biisi on Cat Powerin The Greatest.
Kandee kuunnella Cat Powerin muitaki biisejä se on tosi taitava muusikko! Toivottavasti pidät tulevaisuuden soittolistoistakin:) Hyvää vkl!

electric feel said...

hope your studying will bring you good marks ;)

kiki said...

i seriously adore this.