Monday, February 9, 2009

Life's about film stars and less about mothers It's all about fast cars and passing each other But it doesn't matter cause I’m packing plastic

My muses Part 2: The Olsens

Olsen twins are everywhere, over-watched by fashionistas around the globe. But still I find them very intruguing. Its the way they use the latest trends. They stick to what suits them usually a lot of black and lot of classics. The specialty of the Olsen in my opion are accessories;bags,shoes scarfs,hats,sunnies and jewellery. They know how to wear expensive designer clothes without looking like a cardboard cut-out!
I could talk about their style forever but that wouldn´t be interestin at all:D So here are few pictures that explain why Olsens have a big influence on my outfits:

Black and white paired with high-heels. Perfection!

That corset is something that I´ve been wanting for a while now. I´ve actually tried couple but they haven´t been nearly as cool as this one:)

Mary-Kate rocking the maxi dress. This is something that I really like maxi dress combined with a oversized clutch .

Ashley wearing a white blazer. It doesn´t look at all like she is going to some Miami Vice- theme party.

Olsen twins are probably the only americans that I find inspiring. They really keep it simple and effortless. That really attracts skandinavians.

My favourite outfit! This look was a big influence for my outfits last year.

Ashley looking gorgeous during weekday.

Wish that I looked this good after a long flight!

Casual Olsen-style. Its fantastic isn´t it? They can really pull of a comfy casual look without looking untidy. What do you think about Olsen- twins? Do they irritate you or do you adore them? :)



Stephanie said...

I adore them! Esp. Ashley.
Great post idea! I love that you used images to illustrate why they influence your style and which outfits you adore the most and why.
I agree 100% with what you're saying about them.

I love the picture of Mary-Kate front row in that oversized gray cardigan and black lamé leggings and of course she shoes. She looks STUNNING and perfectly dressed in that shot.

btw- great song!


Cupcakes and Cashmere said...

they irritate me, but i can't help but love almost everything they wear.

filthy lust said...


Leoona said...

Ashley on mun ehdoton tyyliikoni! :) Vitsi oot tunnistanu täl kertaa aika hyvin! ;D

fuss said...

Toisaalta ärsyttäviä likkoja jollain lailla. Esim. mistä heidät nykyään tunnetaan? Kyllähän he jotain lapsitähtiä olivat ja kai jotain sarjoja vanhemapanakin tähdittivät, mutta ne ihan oikeat ansiot tuntuvat jäävän hajuvesien ja meikkisarjojen lanseeraamiseen?

Nuo ylläolevat asut ovat kaikki kyllä ihania, ja tykkään noista boheemeista luonnonlapsilookeista, mutta olen kyllä nähnyt monia aivan hirveitä asuja näillä neideillä. Välillä menee tuo hippiys turhan yli.

Joku viha-viha-rakkaus-suhde siis itselläni :D

erikas said...

Stephanie: Thank you I tried to introduce them from my point of view:) I am glad you like the song. Its one of my favorites!

cupcakes and cashmere: Well I can get that! They are a bit too exposed:)

filthy lust:Yep! I agree with you:)

Leoona: Haha, joo tsemppasin tällä kertaa! Must tuntuu että pikku hiljaa opin erottamaan ne:D

Fuss: No aika tuurilla ne julkisuuteen pääs. Sattumoisin ne ei vauvana itkeny castingissä. Omasta mielestä kaksoset ovat kyllä onnistuneesti luomaan oikean uran lapsitähteydestä.Neitoset ovat mun silmissä ainnaki kaksi vahvaa bussiness naista ja itse tykkään kovasti heidän vaatelinjoista: Elisabeth & James ja Row:ista. Mutta täytyy myöntää aina esim. Mary-Katen hipeimmät asu valinnat ei oiken oo mun mieleen:D

Anonymous said...

hey erika,
i need to tell you that i came here accidently, really....
but i really love your playlist! i know only part of artists, but the songs are really inspiring, really fine. greets from poland