Monday, February 2, 2009

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My muse: Part 1

Ladies and gentlemen she´s finally back. Mischa Barton has finally found her great sense of style and I have to say she looks better than ever. I used to love her style and hairstyles back in the O.C days (never was a big fan of her acting skills). Anyways today I came across with heaps of photos of her in Paris and Madrid. Here is what I found:

Mischa looking hot in Elie Saab´s fashion show. Her dress is from Elie Saab,clutch from Chanel and the sunnies are from Ray-Ban.

At Christian Diors fashionshow. Everything she is wearing is from Dior ofcource! ( except the fur)

Fashion Dinner for AIDS in Paris wearing Ellie Saab couture dress.
I really love the colour of the dress.

Shopping in Paris: This looks definitely something that I would wear except I don´t own that Dior bag and those Ellie Saab shoes :(

In Madrid.

Mischa with her boyfriend Luke and with that beautiful jacket. I´ve always loved vest and jackets that have that napoleon-military-vibe. I just own two vests but I desperately need that kind of jacket. You´ve seen me drooling after this jacket before. Here

Sorry girls, Mischa Barton is dating Luke Pritchard ( The lead singer in The Kooks)
. Damn Mischas hair looks bloody awesome!
More of my favourite muses to come...



Goldie Locks said...

I couldnt agree more! Mischa is back and better than ever! She looks amazing, i especially love the yellow dress :)

Stephanie said...

I totally agree!!! I saw some of these the other day and i was thinking the same thing! SHE"S BACK!!! ;-)

I could kinda do without those boots in the last picture though. But apart from that it's all perfection and she look gorgeous.


♥ fashion chalet said...

I love her jacket and The Kooks! =]


erikas said...

Goldie Locks: Yep, that Dior dress is fantastic!

Stephanie: Yeah She´s BACK!! But yeah I agree with you those last boots aren´t that great :D

Fashion Chalet: The kooks is a great band! Seriously I am gonna DIY make that jacket if it comes to down to that :)

raspberrycake said...

shit.. luke on hooooooot! ;) Ja mä oon aina ihannoinu Mischaa<3 Sellanen kivan rennonletkee tyyli! :)

Fleurr De Lux said...

That Dior dress is such a great colour! She's undeniably beautiful, she should definitely stay away from the acting though!!

Thanks for the comment! If I could vintage shop all day long I would! The blouse is a recent sale find from Zara, but I bought it in an extra-large so it can be worn as a dress. They had tons of pretty billowy blouses similar to this one the last time I checked it out.

xoxo L

MeggieLou said...

LOVE her! that first pic is so fierce!

leflassh. said...

she really does look great now!

KATA said...

She is a big style icon for me aswell. But your blog= IT'S JUST AMAZING!!!
i love it!

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

I must say she was looking rather good during fashion week in Paris.
Great pics.

electric feel said...


oh fuck i don't know ,thanks for sharing!!!


aya said...

love the pics, uu i'll have to start following this blog mmmm xx aya

erikas said...

raspberrycake: Ihanaa:) En oo ainoa,joka neitiä ihailee!

Fleurr de lux: I am definitely going to for that kind of dress! I´ve been looking for good white dress for two years :D a bit pathetic!

MeggieLou: Yeah! That´s my favourite picture of her.I want her bone structure,hair and those Raybans ;D

Leflassh: yep, now!She was a bit lost for a couple of years:)

Kata: Thank you<3

Noemi Sunshine Feast: Indeed, she really made an effort:)

electric feel: My pleasure:) It was a quite a surprise for me too!! But I think they look good together:)

aya: Cool! Great to hear people enjoy to follow this blog :)

rachel kara said...

i havent had many good things to say about mischa (well the way shes been dressing) for a while now but she looks stunning in all of these! new stylist? i wonder who...


erikas said...

Actually she doesn´t have stylist anymore. Or that´s the rumour:D

Dream Weaver said...

You're gorgeous. great blog music! I love Mischa =)