Friday, March 13, 2009

Check your handbook It's no trick Take the chapstick Put it on your lips Crack a smile Adjust my tie Know your boyfriend, unlike other guys

It finally looks like that spring has arrived to Helsinki! Jiihaa:D
So here are some amazing spring street style fashion that I´ve found from various sites. I am definitely gonna try some of this things myself!

I adore this white relaxed jacket combinated with red lipps and that cute headband. I am definitely gonna dig that headband somewhere from my closet and were it immediately!

The ever so cool light coloured jacket and the tights& high heels look fantastic! Now I just gotta wait a bit that the snow and ice dissapears and then I can start confront the streets of Helsinki

I immediately fell in love with this outift! Those boots,headband and otherwise black outfit instead of the light jacket is absolutely stunning. I want this and I want it now:)

Cute ensamble of the "boyfriend jeans"

Alexa never gets it wrong. She really brightens up this otherwise very classic outfit with some wicked her shoes,sunnies & bag!

I´ve always loved the light jeans & black shoes combination.Furthermore the bright scarf really makes an excellent statement!

Every single year I curse cause I don´t buy a dashing jacket for spring. This year I am not gonna change that tradition. Iam gonna search for some cool jacket from F21 or from Urban Outfitteres! This is a promise ladies:)

Today is the march 13th (friday) and so far nothing bad has happened. Actually today I had my English matriculation exam and I have a pretty good feeling about it. Hopefully it really wen´t well but I was really excited about the essaye subject that I chose to write about; Extreme sports. Soon I saw it I got really excited cause I really had a lot to say about ( I´ve did heaps of extreme stuff in NZ bungy jump,skydiving, twise white water rafting, black water rafting,surfin and so on) Now I only have two exams left social studies and math ( the most difficult ones for me) Hope you all are gonna have a great weekend!



Stephanie said...

Love Alexa's shoes and bag- they look amazing on her!

You did some pretty awesome things in NZ- everyone begged me to sky dive, but I could never do it- far to scared. lol.

Good luck with your exams!!!


Kinja said...

tykkään ihan kauheesti sun blogista, mutta en ymmärrä melkeen mitään :)

Äppelblom said...

Kaikki asut ovat ihan että ah, miten hienoa!:) Onks sulla muuten pitkä matikka?:)

Äppelblom said...

Siis hienoja!:D

erikas said...

stephanie: Yeah she always seems to find the most unique pieces!

Kinja: Oi kiitos:) No mä voisin vaikka tulevaisuudessa kirjottaa aina jonkun pikku pätkän Suomeks?

Äppelblom: Siis mä voisin niin ottaa kaikki asut käyttöön:) Joo mull on tosissaan pitkä matikka! Siin on pikkusen tekemist:D Jälkeepäin ehk vähä kadutaa ett miksen menny kirjottaa lyhyttä matikkaa ku siit sais niin helposti jonku E tai L:n :(

Luna Supernova said...

thanks for this pick of street style, it's all fantastic inspiration. Good luck for the rest of your exams, you'll do amazingly, i know it :)

Ahh i know, theres so many of me at the front of the concert and one really horrible one at the afterparty where i look really mean.

Hanna said...

uskon ja luotan että sulla meni enkku hyvin :DD ja muuten aika mahti tuuri ton aineen kanssa kun pystyy noin kivasti kirjotteleen omien kokemuksien pohjalta. ihan täydellinen ekan kuvan asu!

Styledrop said...

Viimeinen asu on hieno. Rakastan pantaa, punaista takkia ja korkeita korkoja;)

filthy lust said...

thinking of digging my headband out too!

Gladys Lopez said...

love the looks, the coats and jackets.

LoveMore said...

oh alexa! i love that orange scarf too! great much to gush over, you have a great eye!
nothing bad happened to me on the fri 13th either..phew! haha

thanks so much for your comment honey, you are so lovely ;)

hope you are having a great weekend cutie
xxx love lm