Monday, March 9, 2009

You know you love me,xoxo Gossip Girl ;D

Beautiful Leigton Meester. I just love the whole black leather jacket & nude colored dress. I can´t wait for the hot spring days so I can start to wear my new biker jacket! ( I will post pictures of it tomorrow)

Am I the only one who can´t wait for the newest Gossip Girl episodes. According to these following pictures the outfits in the following episodes are gonna be great!
If you are interested on having a little sneak peek or some other cool clips take a look at these links! I´ll have to say its looking pretty juicy! Specially the whole Blair going totally wild child ;D

Check out these links:

The Bass-Talk
The Ment-Whore

The Promo of Age of Dissonance


Stephanie said...

omgod I almost forgot about Gossip Girl (i know how could i!!) with it being off air for so many weeks now the shock has settled and I just got used to it!

The first picture of Leighton is incredibly gorgeous! You're so right about the nude/leather combo: the nude softens the leather and the leather toughens up the flouncy nude. perfection!


Stephanie said...

and btw- I just watched the ment-whore preview and the way it's edited is just fantastic!!!


Hanna said...

gossip on kyllä niin täydellinen sarja. bikerin ja nuden yhditäminen on yks mun niin lempijutuista kun se toimii aina :DD

stephanie said...

Thank you so much for your comment :)

I don't think I saw the vest in Zara that was studded....this one was originally just plain black...I studded it myself-->hence why it's so unevenly studded. I tell myself that's what gives it


Redoors said...

Heyy!!your right!!tthe girls from gossip girls are gorgeous!! let me introduce my blog:! hpe you ll like it :)

Tjejsajten said...

thanks for the comment, love! the studying is endless. but only a month left of school!!
next week the new episodes start right? i can't wait. i'm going to check the links you posted right now!!!

LoveMore said...

gossip girl is the greatest! b is my fav!!

i hope it heats up for you soon in the cold!! poor thing!!

love LM xxxxxxxxxx

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

gossip girl is amazing! :)

ps, just added you too, xx