Saturday, March 7, 2009

Time will hold its promise We will always be a light You can see it from the surface, see it We will always be a light

Amazing street style from Paris:
I just can´t get enough of fabulous street style. Today I actually bought an amazing leather jacket and these pictures will definitely inspire me how to wear that biker styled black leather jacket.

I love the simplicity. I with black & white you always look fabulous.

Love at first sight. I don´t believe in love at first sight ( like falling in love with someone) but this outfit screams my name!

Those shoes! I definitely wan´t one of those:)

Blazer,shiny leggings,white t-shirt and Chanel! Nothing wrong with that!

Every single outfit in this post are very similar but in someway very simple and basic. Just what I like:) Those boots and that bag! Talking about good accessories!

Somehow this photo is adorable. Must be that cute smile and that gorgeous preppy blazer.

What do you think of these simple outfits? Are you bored or do you think they are great?

Photos from: altamira,

xx Erika


♥ fashion chalet said...

ahhh Freja!! =]


wonderland.. said...

love your blog(:

Äppelblom said...

ihania, ihania!:)

THE BAT said...

these outfits have become my current inspiration! thank you so much hahahah!

Hanna said...

ahh noi kaikki on niin yksinkertaisen täydellisiä!

Inside Mode said...

Freja is just stunning! I still remember when her hair used to be long lol...
Is the second girl Edita? She looks so different there.

Noelle Chantal said...

i agree, black and white are the perfect combo. and i'm addicted looking at street styles too. so many creative and new ideas to find there. those outfits are very classic and stunning looking. and yes, the leather jacket is just perfect! :)

electric feel said...

who needs a catwalk for them !
they look so good in the streets of paris and london!

Hippiegirl said...

thanks for your comment :) i think all these outfits are great!!!

Vintage Me New You said...

thank you for your comment dear, very nice blog and interesting photos you have in here!
wish you the best:)