Thursday, March 19, 2009

These avenues and These reseviors We gonna show this town How to kiss these stars

Listening to Manhattan- Kings Of Leon!
5 days and then I will be in New York with my friend S.


P.S Those previews pictures will return tomorrow! Thanks for bearing with me:)


electric feel said...

oh je suis jalouse---> because of NY, never been there, bur i hope it will be fun

again an amazing editorial

have a nice day

mandi said...

oh god, she looks amazing i love every single jacket in this photo shoot. and yay for bunnies, easter is almost here :)

Kinja said...

Oo ihana matkaa ja noi kuvat on rakkaus!

Hanna said...

mun kaveri meni kanssa nykiin kirjotusten päätteeks. kaikki pakenee sinne :DD haluisin kyllä nuo kaikki takit noista kuvista ovat ihan täydellisiä!

Daphne said...

this is amazing!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a very lovely editorial. Catherine McNeil looks like a perfect New York girl.

erikas said...

Electric feel:Thank you darling! I am sure it´s gonna be good trip:) I´ll just hope I won´t be too sick!

mandi: She looks really good! Yeah that bunny is pretty cool :)

Mandi: Oi kiitos :)

Hanna:Jenkkeihin kannattaa lähtee ku dollarin arvo on niin alhanen:) Jee pääsen shoppailee taas pitkäst aikaa!!

Daphne: I agree! :) Can´t wait to see those places!

Model Whispers: Yeah she really looks like an real New York girl!