Friday, March 20, 2009

Thinking over one two What am I to do? Should I go home still sober Or should I buy me another glass of wine And forget about time?

My finals are finaly over!! Jiihaaa ;D But instead of celebrating this wonderful event by going out I am staying in drinking tee and watching Skins and reading heaps of magazines! But Monday night me and some of my school friends are going out and celebrating that these exams are over! The party that is held in the Tigers is called ITS OVER ( Ohi on)! I Can´t wait for the girls night out! Specially cause I haven´t been out with my best friend Leoona for ages. Have a great weekend!



Stephanie said...

GREAT post!

congratulations on finishing!!

Leoona is stunning with great style- you guys are an awesome bff pair ;)


raspberrycake said...

What'd you think of the skins? I thought it was rly good! Katie was such a bitch tho :D and jj was hilarious :D can't wait for the next episode! It better to be good! ;)

electric feel said...

oh yes i should watch episode 9 with Em and Katie, but they didn't upload it on youtube!!

hope you will have fun!

Hanna said...

stunning! ohh gosh mitä kuvia. sun hymy on muuten aivan ihana<3

erikas said...

Stephanie: Thank you:) I am very happy to have her as a such a great friend! She is an amazing person:) The most sweetest person I´ve ever met <3

raspberrycake: I really enjoyd the most resent episode! Haha especially the Pandora dancing to The Ting Tings was brilliant! Katie is a real insecure bitch but I think she deserved what she got!!

electric feel: Oh they are heaps of different those episodes there. The last part is just not that easy to find:)

Hanna: Oi kiitos! Omast mielest en näyttäny hirveen hehkeelt ku sain kaveri pojilt puolen tuntii aikaa saada itteni valmiiks:D

Luna Supernova said...

gaaaahhhh i hate that cobrasnake photo of me, i look like such an evil, mean person!!!!