Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Woke up cold one Tuesday, I'm looking tired and feeling quite sick, I felt like there was something missing in my day to day life

Lisa Ratliffe Marie Claire - August 2002

Today I visited my hairdresser. This is the result of the 2 hour long session: I am a brunette nowadays! What do you think? At least now I won´t resemble Denise Richardson so that´s a plus.

Hope you all enjoyed the newest Gossip Girl episode!



Leoona said...

Ihana! <3 oi väri sopii sulle mielettömän hyvin! Toi kuva latautu niin hitaasti et olin ihan malttamaton ku näin vaan sun otsan :D

äppelblom said...

Näyttääpä kivalta ja sopii sulle tosi hyvin noi tummemmat hiukset!:)

Hanna said...

voii toi väri kyllä sopii täydellisesti, just sopivan ruskee verrattunu ihoon ja kulmiin :))

♥ fashion chalet said...

You've got gorgeous eyes!! I feel sick today too, all tired lazy and with a scratchy throat. :(


zoë said...

love your nail lacquer :]

oh & that editorial is just splendid because it looks real ! all of the outfits are things that i could picture myself wearing everyday, whereas sometimes editorials tend to feature pieces that are completely unrealistic and therefore not too pleasing .
anyways, wonderful .


Diana said...
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Diana said...

HI. I'm from America and i randomly stumbled upon your blog a couple months ago while googling some of my favorite music & designers.
I've always wanted to write my own but am to busy(or lazy..)
Anyway.Since finding it I've come to regard your blog as a go-to for inspiration. I really enjoy it, and check it out regularly.
just felt like you should know! so thank you! keep it upp.
peace&love from the states!

Stephanie said...

you look stunning as a brunette!

I love the second editorial picture!


LoveMore said...

ok this freaks me out! i am not just saying this...but i looked at this photo of you and was about to say in this comment OMG i have worked out who you look like- DENISE RICHARDS! and then i read the little writing underneath and realised you must get this ALL the time..bt DAMN girl...
so jealous! damn you pretty thing. and the brown suits you so well! i love brunettes. perfect. you are denise from star ship troopers..she is brunette in that movie.

thanks for your comment honey!

xxx LM

electric feel said...

oh i think it doesn't matter if you are a brunette or a blonde
you look always fantastic

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

your new hair is so fabulous! love the colour, thinking about colouring my hair too actually, your eyes are stunning too! :)

Daphne said...

you rock!

you can come to visit my blog


erikas said...

Leoona: Kiitos <3 Sun mielipide on tärkee!!

äppelblom: Kiitos! Mull ei ikinä oo ollu näin tummat hiukset,vaatii vähän totutteluu:) Muttas tosi kiva kuulla että ne sopii,muittenkin ku oman äidin mielest!

Lovemore:Haha:D Yeah I´ve heard about it couple of times! But lady I want your longs legs:) Wanna exchange:D

electric feel: Oh thank! That´s so sweet :)

Tina:Thank you:) Its really refreshing to have something new!

Daphne:Cheers! I will definitely take look:)