Sunday, March 8, 2009

Light touch my hand, in a dream of Golden Skans, from now on. You can forget our future plans.

This fantastic editorial reminds me somehow of The Klaxons music video Golden Skans.
These photos and that music video are very visual and artistic. The black background really brings up the shapes,colors and all the sparkle. Furthermore the lighting is extremely wicked.

The rest of this fabulous Sunday I am gonna watch Skins and revise a bit for the tomorrows exam. Yep tomorrow starts the long feared matriculation exams (ylppärit). Kind of weird no all my years of studying will culminate to this very moment. Tomorrow in the menu will be a mother tongue essay exam. During these wonderful next two weeks I will attend to the english-,social studies- and long maths exam. All these wonderful examination will take 6 hours to do! So wish me good luck! For the other finnish kids who are also abeja I wish you good luck!

xx Erika


isabella said...

Lykkyä tykö ylppäreihin! Kyllä ne menee hyvin!:)

Hanna said...

onnea yo-kirjotuksiin! ne kyllä menee hyvin :))

Stephanie said...

Gorgeous editorial!!!! It's like gold flecked or something...amazing!

Good luck with your school work!
hang in there ;)


raspberrycake said...

The JJ episode of skins was AWESOME don't you think? :)
Season 3 seems to get better and better after every epidose! Love the cast!<3

katja said...

Rakastan vaatteita joiden tekemiseen on oikeasti nähty vaivaa, kuten tuon ekan kuvan mekkoon! :)

filthy lust said...

skins, you reminded me it's on tonight!

♥ fashion chalet said...

thanks, E! ♥

these are so gorgeous!! =]


kiki said...

so gorgeous and loved your almost famous post!! amazing movie...

LoveMore said...

ohhhhh beauty beauty beautiful! great pics my have a good eye for fab things to share i must say! hope you are well!

and thanks for your dear comments, you always make me smile.

much love lM xxxxxxx

erikas said...

isabella: Kiitos! Oli kyll ihan hirvee kuustuntinen kirjotus sessio:) Never again!

hanna:Kiitos! Sitt vast ku tulokset tulee nii näkyy ett kuinka hyvin meni mun esseen varhaisiän itsenäistymisestä:D

stephanie: thank you sweetie:) Thank you, now I only have 3 exams to go! Jipii!!

raspberry cake: Yeah I really loved that JJ episode! Its getting better and better by every single episode. I absolutely adore how the characters get deeper. Can´t wait for the next Effy episode where some of them are going camping! Have you seen the trailer for that?? It looks so good!!

Katja: Samoin:) Tykkään sellasist vaatteist joiden ideointiin on oikeesti käytetty enemmän ku kaks sekuntti ja toteutus on tehty huolell:)

flithy lust: Haha:) Your welcome! Its really the best show that I´ve seen ever! I just can´t get over how brilliantly the characters are re-presented!

fashion chalet: Thank you:)

kiki: Thank you very much! It means a lot that you like of my posts:)

lovemore: Thank you very much! Your comments makes me always smile too! :)

electric feel said...

one of my fav songs and videos!
amazing shoots! so beautiful dresses!

raspberrycake said...

yep the next one looks rly exiting too! tho effy episodes tend to be kinda weird...but it's cool ;) I'm rly waiting for the emily/katie episode, since i find them rly interesting ;) tho i would have hoped that they would have gotten their own episodes.. i just want to see more skins :D only 3 episodes left of this season! :((

erikas said...

Electric feel: I too love Klaxons a lot! It would be amazing to see them play live also:)

raspberrycake: I really can´t wait until friday!The Effy mealtdown is gonna be intruiging for sure!
Gosh I find them all so fascinating.But yeah I was a bit surprised that Emily & Katie didn´t have their own episodes! Gosh I cannot wait that Thomas does something about the whole Pandora & Coop thing.Furthermore I want to Effy & Freddie and Emily & Naomi to work it out! How much longer do we have to wait!!:D
Have you seen the trailer and the sneak peeks already??

Kate said...

wow, this editorial is incredible. All these are going immediately into my "inspiration" folder!!

raspberrycake said...

Yep Thomas was so damn angry! he even called cook 'cunt' tho he had said him self that it's unacceptable! Can't wait for it! And i totally do NOT want freddie&katie to be a couple! freddie is soo cute and he should totelly be with effie! and i rly think that during the fourth season we'll find out something shocking about cook's past that made him such an asshole..and his parents aren't around either so he has to have something weird going on! can't wait for it! Cook was cute when he and naomi were making out and stopped and then they talked, but that was abot the only time :D but i have a feeling that i'll loooove cook in the second season coz there totally will be somenthing shocking exposed about his past ;)

hah i could talk about skins for hours! :D