Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I wish that we could talk about it, But there, that's the problem. With someone new I could have started, Too late, for beginnings.

Lara Stone Self Service - 2008 (Fall-Winter 2008) United Kingdom

Love the gap between her two front teeth:) I used to have one like 7 years ago:D It great to see someone embracing her special thing. What do you think of Lara Stone?
Furthermore this editorials clothes are pretty amazing. Wish I could change my boring comfy library/ studying outfits to something more special. Unfortunately I am spend 10 hours of my days sitting and studying so the leggings and some hoody is the most comfortable option:D
How did your week start?


Stephanie said...

The collection is sooo glam rock!!

I love the first picture here- everything about it from what she's wearing to her expression and pose.

This week it's Montreal Fashion Week and it's the first time I am attending the shows!! It's so cool. I have a show or two every night until Thursday and then the after parties :) I have been going to the parties to take pictures and I will be doing a post with cobrasnake-style after show pics on Friday probably :)


raspberrycake said...

Hei eiks tuo Cat Powerin biisi (joka on tuossa soittimessa) olekkin ollut tuossa skinsin 3 kaudella? :) Mietin että oisko mitenkään mahdollista että voisit lähettää sen sähköpostin kautta kun se on niin huippu? :D

Tjejsajten said...

LOVE Lara Stone. She's everywhere these days! Beautiful day here, so not a bad start to the week !!

filthy lust said...

looks lovely with a fringe.

She's Dressing Up said...

I love the gap in her teeth too =]

Tjejsajten said...

She is just the best! I love imperfect teeth. I agree on the comfy clothes dilemma. I spend waaay too much time in a library to look cool.

xoxo L

electric feel said...

gave you an award

LoveMore said...

oh you had a gap that's adorable! :)

i will be honest, she is not my fav, but i still do like her, and these photos are brill ! thanks for sharing.

and thank you SO much for your sweet lovely comment :)

xxx LM

Frank&Remy said...

some how she reminds me of kate moss

erikas said...

stephanie: Oh you lucky girl! You get to go to fashion shows:) Have heaps of fun!

raspherry cake: Joo tää biisi oli Skinsin yhes jaksoss:) Ihana sarja! Joo voin lähettää sulle tän biisin! Lähetä mulle sun maili? Yritin ettii sitä,mutta en pääse sun blogiaakaan lukee :(

tjejsajten,meg: Yeah she is pretty much in every magazine and show but I don´t mind:) Glad to hear that weather is good in somewhere:D

filthy lust: I agree:)

She´s dressing up: Yep, its really something that makes her stand up from all the other models:)

Tjejsajten,L: Haha:) Glad to hear I am not the only one who is spending way too much time in comfy clothes! Let me know if you come up with something different:D

electric feel: thank you very much! :)

lovemore: Yep, that gap is cute! Not like the one I had when i was a little girl! :)

Frank&Remy : Actually in this editorial she has that Kate Moss vibe.

erikas said...
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raspberrycake said...
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