Saturday, March 21, 2009

Standing in the way of control You live your life Survive the only way that you know

Kaya Scodelario is so beautiful. This seventeen years old actress from Skins is also very talented actress her facial expression and her dialogues are exceptional brilliant.
Check this little clip that represents her character Effie so well :)
The Clip
Now I am gonna return to my film marathon Devil Wears Prada is waiting for me. God its nice to be sick :) You gotta love fever!



Kinja said...

Katon noit kuvii aina Skins onlinesta ihan huuli pyöreenä :D. Mahatavia on!

raspberrycake said...

I loove effy! i don't get it why almost everyone seems to hate her :s

Stephanie said...

I love the third and fourth picture.
Have fun watching the devil wears prada!! great saturday flick.


Ariadna said...

Hi! I'm reading your blog and I think it's so cool.

erikas said...

Kinja: Mulle tuli ihan yllätyksenä ett Kaya on kans malli:) Mutt aivan mahtavia kuvia!

raspberrycake: I absolutely love Effy! There is nothing to hate her about its just she´s a bit lost :(
Since the second serie and how she behaved with Tony I´ve found her brainy and very intriquing.But what do you think of Cook & Effy as a couple?

Stephanie: I agree with you!Especially that profile picture is amazing :)

Ariadna: Thank you :)Glad to hear you like it!

Luna Supernova said...

i am in love with effy!! she is my ultimate inspiration right now although i prefer her SO much better in season 1 and 2 then in season 3. she seems to have lost a lot of her intrigue and intellect.

CeImbracAzi-Sonia said...

I'm also watching skins, and Effie is my favourite character. Beautiful pictures.