Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Now that I'm older The stars should lie upon my face And when I find myself alone I feel like I I am blind

Leigton Meester for Nylon Mexico!
I really love that leather jacket and her hair looks amazing like always! 6 days and then I´ve got an appointment with my hairdresser. I simply can´t wait any longer! Why is it so that when you finally call and make the appointment I can´t stand my hair for the next two weeks. Everytime the same thing:D

P.S: I still can´t find a way to post the videos from Internet:D All these things are in stupid finnish and I can´t find the button that would resemble embed! Help me please:) Usually I am not this helpless with these things...


Stephanie said...

holy shit- leighton looks amazing!

Isn't it always that way with hair? and then when you finally go the day of, your hair looks amazing! lol! the ways of life.

Re: EMBEDDING. can't you just visit english if so, it's in box on the top right. There should be 2 codes. A URL one and a embed one. they are located right under the profile of the person who posted the video or whatever it may be. Look to the top right of your youtube screen for a box and then look for two link codes. It's prob. the second code.

I really hope that helps!!! I so know that feeling when you feel like all the other bloggers have something figured out and you cant seem to get it!! happens to me all the time!! lol!


Hanna said...

viimisen kuvan paitajuttu on kyllä hieno!!

ahhh mulla on hirvee halu lähtee kun kattelee cobrasta kaikkia aussikuvia :DD onneks kohta alkaa mun reilun vuoden kesä kunha nää lumet vaan lähtis! ja hei kyllä sä pääset kauppikseen!

Tjejsajten said...

loooove that nylon cover. she's great. it took me sooooo long to figure out this blogging world so don't feel helpless!!! no matter how clueless you think you are, i am always more clueless hahaha
hope you're well!

modern antoinette said...

Thanks for your swwet comment gorgeous. I love your mucj Gossip girl!!

I can't wait to see your new hair.


♥ fashion chalet said...

Thank you for posting this, I was forever searching for larger scans !!!!

And also thanks for the Congratulatory comments in both English and Finnish!! =]


filthy lust said...

so pretty.

Couture Carrie said...

She looks so fabulous!


electric feel said...

oh thanks for sharing them!!
great shoots!
she looks very fresh and vibrant, i think!

raspberrycake said...

How come you have youtube in finnish? :o can't you change it to english?

It's this text box which you basically could write on, but you can't you can just copy the text..

If you still can't find it, I can e-mail you a picture instruction! :)

raspberrycake said...

Oh right and what are you going to do with your hair? :)

erikas said...

Raspberrycake: Oh thank you very much:) and hey do you wan´t me to send the cat powers song to you or did u already find it? :)
Hmm I thinking about maybe doing some darker brown highlights and just having it cut a bit! I really should think about it more over the weekend :) Do you have any suggestion?

raspberrycake said...

Oh right, I already found it, but thanks anyways! ;) And the hair plan sounds good! I think that cool bangs like leighton has in the first picture would look great on you too! :)

Oh and what did you think about skins? I LOVED the episode! It was so fantastic! And even cook managed to be cute in the end when he was in the car with effy! I feel rly bad for Thomas coz he was so sad :( But go Pandora when she slapped cook :D And JJ was the best when he came from the tent with naomi and emily :D Can't wait for the next one! It seems quite promising on the promos ;)

erikas said...

The episode was amazing! But I feel so sorry for Effie! I absolutely hate Katie!! She can only blame herself. I just hope that Effy & freddie will find o a way to work things out by the end of this season:)