Sunday, March 22, 2009

ou get mistaken for strangers by your own friends when you pass them at night under the silvery, silvery citybank lights

Tiiu Kuik Marie Claire - April 2009 (4-2009) Italy


Hanna said...

oiiii noiden kuvien kengät ja korut<3

LoveMore said...

super fabulous post miss Erika aka Denise! haha

hope you had a great weekend honey.

much love xxx LM

Stephanie said...

what an incredibly stunning editorial.
i love the refined rustic/high fashion combo.


Stephanie said...

and I love your music choices!!!


luphia_eliz said...

these photos are so gorgeous!

Tjejsajten said...

Ooh these are saucy!!


erikas said...

Hanna: Älä! Kyll mulle kelpais :)

LoveMore: Thank you sweetie:) I was really sick the whole weekend but that´s okay! Hope you had a great weekend:)

Stephanie: Yeah I found this editorial brilliant and its definitely high fashion which I love!
I am glad very glad that you like my music selection :)

Luphia_eliz: I totally agree with you :)

Tjejsajten: This editorial definitely is definitely saucy! :)

kiki said...

ohhh pretty pretty
so glamorous

Anonymous said...

LOVE this editorial. They killed it!