Sunday, March 15, 2009

When the thorn bush turns white thats when I'll come home, I am going out to see what i can sow, And i don't know where I'll go

The beautiful Dree Hemingway:

Yesterday I had a really nice day. I started my morning by watching Pineapple Express movie that I was too tired to watch the previous evening. After that I went to library to study with my best friend. The whole evening I spend with my friends eating and drinking well ( actually I was the only one enjoying non-alcohol beverages) and we went to the Sauna.
Today I am gonna rest and go to my friends place to plan our trip to NY!
Hope u all had a nice weekend!

I don´t know when and how will I get the old pictures to be normal again :(
Do you guys have any previous experience with photobucket doing that to all of your picture?



Kinja said...

Vitsi noista kuvista saa paljon inspistä!
En tiedä, että johtuuko tää vaan mun koneesta, mutta noissa vanhemmissa postauksissa näkyy vaan PhotoBucket- läpyskä.

erikas said...

Kinja: Ei johdu ainoastaan sun koneesta :) Jostain syystä noi kuvat nyt meni tollasiks varmaan jossai vaihees photobucket palauttaa ne taas normaaliksi. En vaa tiedä millon:) Yritän selvittää asian!

electric feel said...

sorry my dear...have no experience with photobucket!

dree is a pure beauty!

hope you had a nice weekend

filthy lust said...

she's beautiful.

Hanna said...

mä oon käyttäny tinypiciä just noitten kuvaongelmien takia, mulla se on ainaki toiminu hyvin :> sit kun on reilusti kahenkympin puolella ni haluun pukeutuu just noin ku toi ekojen kuvien tyttö!

Stephanie said...

I love Dree. She's popping up everywhere lately. she has great style and is of course, beautiful :)

what happened with photobucket? It recentyl deleted ALL my archives!! I waited 10 days for them to come back as it told me they would, and ten days later I got the same notice saying they would be withheld unless I paid for a membership. In the end I deleted some pics from my account and that seems to have solved the problem. but now I use image shack. Photobucket is bogus BS.

Thanks for the intro to lunasupernova! I went over there and wrote her a comment, mentioning that you told me about her/her blog ;) thank you lady!!


LoveMore said...

oh she is SUCH a beauty i totally pretty!

not sure about photobucket sorry, i use it, but haven't had that happen before :(

also your sunday sounds like it was great fun!

happy monday to you :)

xxx love LM

essence said...

she's so cool,
amazing blog I love, and I love your music too,
thanks for the comment!


Bella said...

Sounds like you had an amazing time... and I love these shots of her. As for the pics, have you tried using imageshack or Picasa instead?


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