Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Disconnect the feeling factory put your tongue up to my battery things are so much smoother when we lie crush your cigarettes out on an orange sky and

Today´s outfit:

My new leather jacket from Brothers & Sisters, Nudie Jeans and white top from H&M

My dog Eddie approving the newest investment! :)

Closer look of the new- black-biker-leather-jacket! Also today I bought a new headband from Accessorize.

Today I found a new really wicked band called Asobi Seksu. Its this cool Japanese/ American band. For the ones who have watched the Skins series three you will probably recognize these following songs!

Nefi + Girly - Asobi Seksu
Lions & Tigers - Asobi Seksu

P.S:Can anyone teach me how to post youtube videos? All I can do is to post these links:D


raspberrycake said...

To post the videos you just copy the text called 'embed' that's inside the info box on the right, and you just paste it on the text :)

And thanks for the songs, they're so skins<3

Hanna said...

miks nahkatakki-valkoinenpaita-punainenlakka -combo toimii aina noin hyvin :))

raspberrycake said...

btw LOVE that jacket! :o<3 how much did you pay for it? :) I'm on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket too, but I just don't want to have the same kind of biker jacket as everyone if you kn ow which one i mean.. Yours is lovely!

erikas said...

raspberrycake: Oh thank you very much:) Now I will give try for my next post!! The jacket was in sale so it was about 170 euros. It´s a lot but it fits so well and the leather is so soft:) P.S: I love to talk with you about Skins!! I agree with you about Cook. There is definitely something more into him. First I really hated him but after seeing the couple last episodes I really have learnt to appreciate him. He really is such a sweetheart with JJ and Naomi!
Have you watched all of the three previews of the next Thursdays episode?

Hanna: Se on sellanen varma combo! Mä viihdyn tosi hyvin mahdollisimman yksinkertasist väri-yhdistelmist ja asuvalinnoist:)

Stephanie said...

Lovely picture! and I Love Nudie jeans soo much! they're my faves, you'll have them forever! I wore mine for 6 months without washing them and then I washed them and they had the whiskers and pleats from my body in the fabric after the wash. + they are so comfy!
I see you sorted out how to embed a youtube video :)
Man, I need to start watching Skins asap!!!


milostyle.se said...




Tjejsajten said...

i REALLY need to get on watching this Skins show... add to the ever growing list of things to do!! that leather jacket is divine, I need to invest in a good quality one, I have a few cheap ones that just aren't cutting it. glad to see your adorable pup has good taste! :)

kiki said...

your dog is adorable....

Couture Carrie said...

I love your jacket - you look fabulous!


LoveMore said...

OMG the jacket is heaven! you AND your dog are the cutest ever! so adorable!

hope you had a great day loves xxx LM

Tina { Luphia Loves... } said...

you are so gorgeous girl! :) love your outfit too, teamed with fabulous red nails!

ps, your blog is fabulous! would love to exchange links if you're interested? :)


electric feel said...

I'm still serching for my perfect leather biker jacket, but i can't find one! I'm sure this jacket will be a close friend of yours in the future hahha ;)

erikas said...

stephanie: Thank you:) Yeah nudie jeans are my favorite jeans! Actually since I bought them I feel like giving away all my other jeans cause they r the only ones that I wear:D They r so comfy and they fit so well! Wish that I could find ones with in a lighter color.

Millostyle: Cheers! I checked your blog and its amazing:) Thanks for informing me!

Tjejsajten: You really should watch that show! It´s really best show that I´ve seen for a long time. Furthermore I think buying a real leather is a great lifetime investment.

Kiki: Yeah he can be nice!He looks so nice but most of the time he behaves like a rat:D

Couture Carrie: Thank you:)

Lovemore: Oh thank you sweetie:) You too!

Tina { Luphia Loves... }: Thank you:) Yeah would love to do that! I am gonna add you straight away.

erikas said...

electric feel: Yep the very first moment I saw it. I had this feeling that this is the one:D Like the White Stripes song We r gonna be friends; I can tell that we are gonna be friends!

Kinja said...

hei tuleeko skinsin kolmos kausi jo suomessa? :)

mandi said...

heyyy, thanks for the visit girl your blog is really cool..you have great taste :)
i love this outfit you've put together and your dog is the cutesttt!

filthy lust said...

gorgeous! and a cute doggie.

Luna Supernova said...

the headband and jacket are both pefection!! i'm so jealous.

and you look stunning as always.

raspberrycake said...

Yeah I've seen them, Fredster's so cute in the 'actual' preview! When he smiles from the car mirror and howls at the woods<3 Can't wait for it! And Panda is so cute :s Panda&Effy are gr8 together<3 And I can't wait for them to go all crazy with shrooms! :D I really hope that Effy puts on a BIG show tonight ;)

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